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If you’ve been following along this year, then you know that I have been undergoing a path to wellness with the help of Dabney  Poorter of Engage Your Wellness.  We started in the pantry and then moved to cleaning products, one by one successfully detoxifying our house.  The last phase of the wellness home remodel was beauty products…and to be totally honest, I had saved it for last for a reason. Although I have thoroughly enjoyed this entire process, I’ll admit, I was a little nervous about this phase.  Sure, take my Diet Coke, take my Windex, but my high-end eyeshadow palettes? No dice! 😉

In May, Dabney came over to sort through all of my products.  It didn’t take long before the verdict was in…just about everything in my Glambox was toxic.  I always had the assumption that paying for high-end cosmetics meant high-end ingredients, but that is simply not the case. Just about everything I was currently using in my makeup routine contained cancer causing ingredients and hormone disruptors.  In the past, I honestly had never spent too much time reading labels in my beauty products. But after working with Dabney, I have learned that the things we put on our bodies are just as harmful as the things we put in our bodies.  Your skin is your largest organ, and anything you put on it can be absorbed into your bloodstream.  She then introduced me to a brand called Beautycounter, which is a 100% nontoxic brand whose mission is to get safer products into everyone’s hands.  She had actually started talking to me about this brand in January when we first started working on the pantry clean out.  But like I said, I had pushed the personal care section of the wellness home remodel to the end…and now I’m wishing I would have done it sooner!  

Shortly after our session, Dabney brought over several Beautycounter samples for me to try. To be honest, I was totally skeptical at first.  I don’t consider myself to be a picky person, but when it comes to cosmetics, I’m definitely not the easiest to please.  I want products that are going to work, last all day, not clog my pores, etc.  And let me tell you, I loved everything I tried in this line. In fact, my wishlist is currently a mile long! Today, I’m going to share my current everyday makeup routine, so without further adieu…

Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation: This is a lightweight, creamy foundation that offers buildable coverage and the most natural looking finish.  It doesn’t settle in fine lines and blends in effortlessly.  I definitely appreciate how weightless it feels, especially in this heat! I use shade “Linen.”

Touchup Skin Concealer Pen: This pen reminded me so much of my YSL Touche éclat highlighter pen. I use this every day to help conceal dark circles (thanks kids! 😉 ) and redness.  I use shade “Fair.”

Beautycounter review

Powder Blush Duo: This is definitely another favorite of mine as it blends very evenly and gives the most natural glow. This duo comes in three shades and I’m currently using the “Bloom/Tulip” shade. Earlier this month, Beautycounter released their new Satin Powder Blushes which comes in seven stunning colors.  This is definitely on my list of things to try next! 

BeautyCounter Eyeshadow
Beautycounter Eyeshadow Palette

Velvet Eyeshadow Palette:  These palettes were just released earlier this month and as you can see, they are STUNNING!  This palette offers nine shades including matte and satin finishes, and one sparkly topper shade if you are feeling fancy!  😉  I opted for the “Classic” palette which consists of more neutral tones.  They also released a “Romantic” palette which features more pink/purple shades, (Definitely want to try that next!) and a “Statement” palette which has some really fun and exciting bold shades.  When I sat down to order my palette, I seriously went back and forth for 45 minutes trying to decide which one I wanted because they are all so stunning! These blend in like a dream and last all day!

Color Outline Eye Pencil: I am definitely more of a pencil kind of gal when it comes to eyeliner, so I was thrilled when I found this one by Beautycounter.  I use the “brown” shade, but it comes in three other colors.  And for all of my liquid liner lovers, the Precision Liquid Eyeliner was released earlier this month. I haven’t tried it yet, but I will keep you posted!

BeautyCounter Lipstick

Sheer Lipstick: Lipstick was one of the first things I wanted to change in my beauty routine.  I really love this Sheer Lipstick for everyday wear.  It is super moisturizing and has the prettiest sheen finish.  There are twelve shades total but I use the “Petal” shade which is a really pretty light pink. 

Beautycounter Review

Lip Gloss: I just got this in over the weekend and am slightly obsessed! Despite the fact that we hardly left the house this weekend (110 degree weather will do that to ya!) I had to wear it; it’s that good!  It is probably the best consistency I’ve ever found in a lip gloss.  It’s extremely moisturizing with high shine but not sticky at all. I’ve also noticed that it stays on a long time so I don’t find myself reapplying it as often as I have with other lipglosses.  I am wearing shade “Peony.”

Beautycounter review

You can find all of the products seen in today’s post and more here.  

I also wanted to point out that Beautycounter offers a membership program for $29/year that allows for 15% back in product credit on every purchase.  So if you spend $100, you get $15 back to use on your next purchase.  It essentially ends up paying for itself after your first order(s).  The membership also provides for free shipping over $100, and a welcome gift when you spend $50+.  

Let me know if you have any questions or need recommendations, I would love to help! 

Beautycounter Review

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